Breaking: Universa Blockchain to Launch a Financial Metaverse

Hello everyone, this is your CEO, Alexander Borodich.

See the picture of our new office? This is history in the making. We are planning to enter the Coinmarketcap’s TOP-10 projects.

It is time to tell you what awaits in the new Metaverse and the reasons for this change.

Speaking briefly, the exchange will give you an opportunity to buy any assets with your UTN/UNITE.

Want to see more from the inside? Then visit our official groups and ask for an invitation 🙂

Bon Voyage!

Universa is about to launch a digital financial ecosystem that will enable simple and convenient access to capital for startups and DAOs; their followers will get convenient tools for support, status monitoring and project spending control; and everyone will receive a passive income generation instrument. 🙂

In other words, we seek to digitize all the assets in the real world and some of the assets in the digital world, and we have issued a currency where each UDC is issued only for UTN/UNITE and is used as a capital inside all digital stories, including staking and launchpad/exchange, and any other projects that have been created or will be created using the Universa technologies.


We are starting a launchpad/exchange based on Universa technologies, on an invite-only basis for now.

UDC is the currency used for financial support of all projects and transactions within the ecosystem. The LaunchPad offers guaranteed access to allocation for all UTN/UNITE holders. Any future DAOs can maintain their own token holder registers, vote for DAO management decisions, program smart contracts for profit distribution among the token holders. Mint any NFT/digital assets, sell and buy them, run public reporting on the DAO spending. Advanced project tools (feed/messenger/tasks) allow a decentralized team to operate the project, instantly granting access to the project feed to supporters at different levels, just like Patreon.

This ecosystem launch required that we choose serious partners and I think we will have plenty of delightful and regular (did we actually write this? 🙂 I can’t believe it) news pieces for you.

The current exchange/launchpad will operate both with fully digital DAOs and with classical startups based on the venture model, enabling every talented entrepreneur to access capital, loyal audience and any digital assets for starting the business — all within a single app — and to run the project in a transparent, secure and convenient communication space, developing together with the ecosystem and receiving passive income on any company assets that are not currently used.

This allowed us to unite (!) our key advantages — the technologies for launching digital currencies and asset passports (link), the ability to select the most promising startups (link), a good set of marketing skills to promote the startups within the ecosystem, and access to financial institutions to set up the liquidity pool as required.

How can I take part before the official launch?

If you have more than 1M UTN/UTNP tokens, or 2000+ UNITE tokens — feel free to contact our support to get priority access to the platform. 🙂 If you have less than 1M tokens, but you have not touched them since 2017 — also feel free to write to us: we will teach you to at least launch staking, which will give you additional revenue. Others will get access at a later time, but certainly earlier than the general public. 🙂 UTN holders will always get news earlier than the others.

Fundamental reasons for the change

I have spent many years developing businesses and investing in dozens of startups with successful exits. One of the latest actions is:

What is a startup? It is a living and constantly developing organism. The market and users keep adjusting your business model. Universa Blockchain is not an exception, as it follows the market mechanisms.

To proceed from today’s Universa to a fast developing Universa Re:start Edition, we unfortunately need to stop doing the thing that no longer brings you and us closer to our goals, puts us in a stalemate and prevents MainNetwork development.

The second year of COVID-19 pandemic has completely ruined our bold dreams of 2019 about the number of countries and contracts that we were expected to take on in 2020–21. Government contracts went from slow to super-slow; some countries lost key decision-makers to COVID, others changed focus from innovation to survival in the new conditions. In any case, this strategy resulted in wasted resources, lost tempo and general fatigue in the team as well as in the community.

We still had options. For example, there are people who believe, for whatever reason, that it is normal to abandon a journey half-way. This is what the author of a famous DAO project did recently, who got “tired” of hate within the first 10 days of the project and simply gave up both his project and his community.

The Universa story has been long and not necessarily exciting for the token holders, so we will understand if even the most ardent supporters get their morale down and feel the same. 🙂 But we are still alive, developing our project and believing that our vision of the future of distributed ledgers is way ahead of many other projects in the market.

We did make a mistake in 2020, when we expected the pandemic to end quickly, and kept a naïve belief of borders reopening and the national networks launching quickly, instead of focusing on reissuing our products for the crypto market in the bridge/swap/defi format. Meanwhile, other projects emerged, which learned to keep tokens in different L1 networks (as we did in 2017 with UTN/UTNP), to wrap Bitcoin/Ethereum (as we did in 2018 with hyperBTC/hyperETH), and a pool of projects creating decentralized money has grown over the last 18 months.

Despite this strategic error, we got an invaluable experience of tokenizing physical assets (Digital Sugar, ministry resources (RosGeo and value chains in various sectors of the economy (the Halal digital ecosystem over the last year. Additionally, we got an immense experience of working with the governments and central banks in many countries. Now it is time to draw the right conclusions from all this and move on.

We still have our global distributed network, a reducing number of UTN/UTNP tokens that are needed to complete every transaction in every application built using the Universa MainNetwork technology.

There’s a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones. (с) Ecclesiastes

An ecosystem for financing projects/startups/DAOs based on Universa technologies

Now it is time to gather all the attention and the focus from all the projects we have done for countries and corporations, and launch a simple mechanism that will enable everyone to achieve our goals.

A simple mechanism?

Yes, when you have services working all over the world, assembling them like a Lego into a whatever set you need is not the most challenging task ever. Although it’s not the fastest one, either.

Growth from 10,000 to 10,000,000 transactions

For the time being, as the real-world delivery chains cannot provide us with millions of transactions, we need a reasonable substitute from the digital world.

What we have working is the digital passport and asset history. What will the maximum number of transactions with digital assets be like now? With the gaming NFTs, Metaverse items, share tokens, right-of-access tokens, and other digital assets tied into a complex smart contract infrastructure? We are not playing in these markets, all we can do is provide a convenient API for creating, managing and trading in such digital assets for the metaverses, games, and digital exchanges. Each transaction will require having a piece of UTN, which will fuel the demand for this utility asset. However, before we could bring all the transactions into our ecosystem, we needed to have our own stable coin. Now we have exactly this kind of stable coin backed by real assets — meet UDC.

As a result, every transaction involving the purchase, sale, creation, transfer or use of any digital asset in the ecosystem will require owning UTN/UNITE (or UDC created from these tokens).

What is the idea of a node?

As we transfer the real world and the metaverses into digital assets, running nodes makes sense once again. The nodes will support distributed storage of the NFT/digital assets/smart contract contents in a decentralized and verifiable storage based on the Universa MainNetwork.

What does UTN/UNITE/UDC staking give you?

If you put your tokens into staking pools, you will not only receive daily passive income, but will also get Air Drops of all projects/DAOs entering the launchpad and then the exchange.

P.S. The regular progress report for Universa Blockchain will be published soon to get a bit more information of what was done and what are our plans for the Blockchain ecosystem.

Regards, sincerely yours, Alexander Borodich



Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

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Alexander Borodich

Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy