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Each day we get messages from our users regarding decentralized finance (DeFi). Indeed, the DeFi market has grown from USD 500 million to 14 billion in the last 12 months.

What is United FI -

United FI / nance — replacing banks and financial ecosystem with fastest smart contracts(25,000TPS+) and lowest tx fee (from €0,01)


Put all your assets to work. Earn up to 10.13% interest.


United Finance is the simplest and safest way to access the best tokenised assets. From luxury villa in Marbella, Spain and profitable Instant delivery startup in India to pure gold bars in Switzerland. The whole ecosystem of tokenised assets is available for investing either UUSD or native ETH/BTC/GOLD.


Stack UNITE to get FREEDOM. The more we UNITE together, the more FREEDOM we will get! FREEDOM is a special tokens which will be distributed across the UNITE token holders, deposited their UNITE tokens into the United FI protocol.


• Earn consistent interest


We purchase receivables to be paid by investment-grade companies in 15–60 days. We take ownership of the receivables.The supplier and the buyer agree to use our blockchain technology, which eliminates disputes (transparent, trusted e.g. cannot be changed). Then the receivables get insured. If the buyer doesn’t pay, the insurance company will pay for him. We intend to automate this process by using smart contracts and put it on-chain over time. For additional security, information gets recorded (hashed) to the Universa blockchain.

How the EARN works:

1. BTC/ETH/USD/GOLD deposited in exchange for UFI tokens.

Additional info:

Hundreds of other projects have fallen into oblivion since we started our journey back in 2017. Meanwhile, we keep going strong, building our main network and responding promptly to the market trends and the requests of our community.

Here are some of our achievements in this challenging year 2020:

Tunisia government has launched the National Blockchain using Universa Blockchain technology:

About our platform:

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