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We are launching a closed sale for anchor investors and business angels within a separate DeFi project (independent team, lawyers, support) within the Universa Blockchain universe: Smart Money — United.FI (NANCE)

Join the United.Fi equity pre-sale:

We are going to sell 10% of United.Fi (equity shares in Swiss Asset Management Company + the same value of UNITE governance tokens will be distributed across the participants) using this teaser to deliver this solution in 1–2 months, together with the banks, factoring companies, insurers and algotraders.

The minimum entry point is $10,000; max — $3,000,000.

Closed sale starts 28.12 at 12.28am

The event can end at any moment prior to 31 January 2021.

As usual, early investors get privileged treatment.

Important — No open sale is being planned.

You need an invitation code to participate in equity pre-sale. Ask our most devoted fans — they have them (in telegram groups).

Link to enter is here: mailto:// or

What is United FI -

United.Fi is permissionless and fully decentralized protocol allowing the user to earn interest on any digital asset backed by real-world assets represented on-chain with higher rate than in a bank and cost of transaction of 1 cent or more than 10x less than Ethereum’s. Consider us AAVE on steroids 😉

We have combined our unique technology with the best teams from the world of finance and crypto market to build a bridge between the DeFI ecosystem, non-custodial asset depositaries, asset owners in real businesses and insurance companies to present a unique digital platform that allows digital asset owners to earn interest above that possible with the banks, and allows the owners of real-world assets (such as real estate, yachts or gold) to get liquidity on beneficial terms.

We are planning to deploy the product shortly and approach the $1 billion assets under management with integration on DeFi services — Compound, Aave, Ddex, Synthetix, Instadapp, Curve, yern, Balancer, Uniswap, dYdX, Bancor, Set Protocol, Nexus Mutual, MCDEX, Loopring, Kyber, Melon, pieDAO, Dharma, etc.


You will be able to receive up to 10.13% interest in USD on all your digital assets, from BTC and ETH to UGOLD and UTN, by depositing them into the non-custodial and decentralised ecosystem from UNITED FI based on Universa Blockchain and holding the corresponding uTokens assets. All yield provided to UNITED FI ecosystem participants is backed by real-world assets that generate income greater than interest owed. All of the real-world assets are transparently made available on the Universa Blockchain.




Unlike most deposits, UnitedFi Assets don’t fluctuate in the interest rate they pay, helping you find stability in the volatile world.

• Backed by real-world, income-generating assets

UnitedFi Assets don’t rely on the crypto or decentralized finance space in order to function. They bridge the real and crypto worlds.

• Backed by assets viewable on-chain

The real-world assets backing the UnitedFi are made transparently available, making the ecosystem more trustworthy.

• Always overcollateralized

Income generated by the underlying assets is greater than APY paid by the UFI asset. Real world assets backing UnitedFI are always greater than UFI issued.


United.Fi is building a global community to provide a decentralized, transparent and permissionless environment to empower all citizens to earn interest on their currency or assets backed by real-world assets. It is an alternative to a traditional bank account, from a regulated company based in Switzerland. We are creating non-custodial decentralized banking, globally. One day United.Fi will be the most valuable “anti bank” in the world. Universa.Bank ;)

How the EARN works:

2. The deposited assets are used to acquire real-world, income producing assets, all viewable on chain.

3. The assets pay out interest, which is returned to the UnitedFI Ecosystem.

4. UFI Tokens are freely swapped back for the original digital assets deposited plus interest accrued.

Additional info:

Here are some of our achievements in this challenging year 2020:

Tunisia Internet and Universa launched in Tunisia blockchain-based e-signature service —, available to regular Tunisian citizens to sign their papers officially on top of National Blockchain:

Al Khaleej Sugar, the world largest sugar refinery, together with UAE government and Universa officially announced the launch of sugar trading platform, This UAE-based platform enables the clients to trade tokenized sugar 24/7 and broker-less, and meets the Emirates-Blockchain strategical targets for 2021:

Universa completed the Natural Gas tokenisation strategy and gas digital payment system project for Bank of Russia.

Universa started the gold tokenisation and gold exchange project for SwissGoldClub.

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