From National Blockchain to DeFi…

Alexander Borodich
3 min readJan 15, 2021

As we are currently locked at all-day-long negotiations and they are not yet finished, our 2020 report will not be published today. While we yet can not share the full report with all achievements and victories, let me share some pictures from the 2020, except those which were related to COVID.

Some highlights for those, who can not wait…

Universa 2020 highlights

Tunisia government has launched the National Blockchain using Universa Blockchain technology



Tunisia Internet and Universa launched in Tunisia blockchain-based e-signature service —, available to regular Tunisian citizens to sign their papers officially on top of National Blockchain


Al Khaleej Sugar, the world largest sugar refinery, together with UAE government and Universa officially announced the launch of sugar trading platform, This UAE-based platform enables the clients to trade tokenized sugar 24/7 and broker-less, and meets the Emirates-Blockchain strategical targets for 2021.



Universa completed the Natural Gas tokenisation strategy and gas digital payment system project for Bank Russia

Universa became the technological partner of Digital Bank BRICS and headed the Digital Settlement Center task force…

Universa launches the global DeFi bank with 0,01 tx fee and cross-chain interoperability to get back to b2c audience…

More details will come in fully prepared report.

Meanwhile, our presentations about CBDCs/UDC and Universa at the conferences :

And Just a photo stream below…

January 2020

Gibraltar and La Linea // Digital exchange

February 2020

Central Bank of Armenia

March 2020

NII VOSKHOD + Universa
DMCC + Universa

April 2020

Last shiny days in our office

June 2020

Digital Russia proposal

July 2020

Government of Stavropol
Something from Malaysia ;)

September 2020

Digital Citizen wallet presentation
Al Khaleej + Universa

November 2020

Swiss Gold Club + Universa = uGold

December 2020

Digital RUB task force meeting

To be continued…



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