July. Summer. Heat.

30/06 Monaco/Nice

Universa and Tresor

1/07 San Remo

CTO after intensive working day

2/07 Lichtenstein

4/07 Zurich

5/07 Moscow

6/07 Moscow

8/07 Ekaterinburg // Innoprom

68 meetings, 13 interviews and 49 prospective clients — these are the results of our team’s work at the Innoprom.

9/07 Innoprom

10/07 Innoprom

11/07 Innoprom

First outcomes of Innoprom published –

Alexander Svinin, First Deputy Chairman of the government, speaks about launching a pilot project for electrical grid connection using #Universa

Первые публичные итоги Иннопрома —

Первый заместитель председателя правительства Александр Свинин рассказал о запуске пилотного проекта присоединения к электросетям на базе #Universa
Universa from 14:00
Ivan — The Support

16/07 SAP Moscow

17/07 Kazakhstan

20/07 Decentralized organization

21/07 Vilnius

Alexander Myodov and Anna Smith

24/07 Kingdom of Bahrain — negotiations with Al Fardan Group

25/07 Kingdom of Bahrain

27/07 Moscow

28/07 Alexander Borodich’ birthday



  • JS client scripts introduced:
  • Client smart contract JS API started
  • 2 samples/tests added (see master)
  • Intro in KB: https://kb.universa.io/client_javascript/89
  • import/export now uses safe58 instead of base64
  • — create-parcel, — register-parcel: separate commands to prepare payment and registration of the contract. — register now saves the parcel used.
  • — unpack fixed: no longer checks the contract being unpacked, support for .uniparcel unpacking added
  • — u-rate — u-for-utn buying U for UTN
  • U/UTN wallets to simplify paid contract registration process. Automatic U top-up in the wallets using UTN https://kb.universa.io/uniclient_uutn_wallets/83
  • Client 3.7.2 released, with fixes and additions listed above, created technical documentation for Java API.


  • Yet another UDP optimization
  • Faster, more stable
  • Additional DDOS resistance
  • Improved implementation of ledger node self-syncing (completed new resync procedure)
  • Using BigDecimal and numeric conditions in references.
  • Fixed wrong state bug to createOutputLockRecord: APPROVED
  • First beta version with node owner’s smart contract
  • Method to extract addresses from the abstract role
  • Maven Repository for components: https://kb.universa.io/maven_repository/87 https://kb.universa.io/general_java_api/5
  • Extended batch contract support: https://kb.universa.io/batch_contracts/86, https://kb.universa.io/easy_escrow/85
  • Consent contracts: expanded support for “switch” contracts consenting the issue of other contracts
  • Added new features for working with references.
  • Prospective opportunity to resell transactions below the cost using new batch contracts
  • The issuer role is now split from the creator role: registering root contracts requires both roles to be met
  • References can now refer to any contract in the transaction. NEW, REVOKE and the main contract are considered APPROVED when checking references. Referenced transaction elements, as before, are being verified by the network for APPROVED status.
  • Fixed an error in verifying reference operators <=, <, >=, >
  • Changed SimpleRole operating mode from ANY_OF to ALL_OF
  • Main contract signatures are now propagated to all contracts in a transaction. This way, it is sufficient to sign just the main contract.
  • Fixed references in the roles. If a contract reference is mentioned in any role, it is not mandatory until the respective role is made mandatory.
  • Optimized network connection speed

WebClient 2.0

  • UI updates:
  • Implemented templates for main contract types
  • Implemented contract validation and payment methods
  • Implemented method to extract roles and public keys from the signature
  • Started implementation of split-join methods
  • Finished class refactoring, distributed public and internal functions
  • Added a new type of contract — notarial — with the possibility of attaching and removing files
  • WebWorkers JSON-RPC API. Created a fully functional storage for ContractChain (CC):
  • Balancing queries between workers
  • Inter-worker interaction
  • The iteration targets for this component could not be reached due to vacations

WebClient 1.*

  • Fixed U/UTN order duplicationThird-party keys from transaction pack are no longer stored on the keychain
  • Fixed U contract duplication
  • Fixed loading of key pairs from the storage and merge keys
  • Fixed owner address display in explorer
  • Purchase order execution priority
  • Automatic U purchase is switched off by default
  • Fixed incorrect correspondent nicks appearing
  • Compensated user’s local time error (when the time is set incorrectly at the local computer): contracts are generated with time correction using URS service
  • Lots of fixes related to UTN disbursement
  • Automatic U top-up using UTN https://kb.universa.io/web_client_u_balance/84


  • Finished and launched UTN distribution module
  • Sent 58,440 invitations to collect UTN
  • More than 368,000,000 UTN disbursed. Some applications with failed KYC are awaiting resolution.
  • Automatic disbursement module (also accepts new applications or applications with a change of status permitting disbursement)
  • Support workstation
  • Created administrative interface for loading and storing random contracts (ChainStore) in the private cloud; it is used, in particular, to load UTN coins for disbursement
  • Universaexplorer.com can now show all the contracts stored in URS (particularly root contracts and coins from UTN disbursement, coins from U purchases, etc.).
  • Completed and launched a module to sell U for UTN with a completely declarative and fully-functional escrow-like Universa smart contract.
  • Launched a public service to buy U for UTN: https://kb.universa.io/uutn/78
  • Implemented a working beta version of automated consolidation of Ethereum-based resources (ETH, ERC20 tokens, particularly UTNP). Launched into test operation.
  • Fixed the bug with reporting Ethereum balance.
  • Added support methods for u/utn purchases
  • Fixed errors found with UTN servicing


  • Added KB for roles (basic roles in a contract)
  • Added transactional section in the KB
  • Wrote substantial volumes of new documentation, articles and training materials

Teasers for tomorrow

Stay tuned!




Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

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Alexander Borodich

Alexander Borodich

Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

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