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Alexander Borodich
4 min readNov 14, 2019


Over the course of the last few days, we faced a lot of misunderstanding and speculation about what was actually announce in Tunisia. That’s why we want to give a timeline of the events, photo and video materials, which anyone can use to make their own conclusions supporting the statements made in our latest press release (digital history of the document is reliably stored in Universa Blockchain https://mydocuments.io/backend/media/envelopes/330ee52a4fb940ffbe037c63d1365f81/udinar_press_release_signed.pdf):

Timing of the events

Let’s look at the facts, and have everyone form their own objective opinion of what exactly was happening in Tunisia on the uDinar launch date.

Universa Hub Africa, the Forex Club Congress technological partner

1) Universa Hub Africa is the technical partner at the Forex Club Congress event in Tunisia. You can see our familiar logo on every flyer, every brochure and every screen.

Universa Hub Africa logo on stage

2) The first part of the event included:

  • A speech by the Head of the Central Bank
  • A panel discussion of CBDC opportunities for the Maghreb region countries, with the head of Universa Hub Africa
  • Live demonstration of the launch of uDinar (the digital dinar) and Universa Hub Africa head making the first transaction right on stage
  • My presentation on the future of money — the transition from paper currencies to digital currencies using CBDC mechanism
  • Forex Maghreb signing ceremony

The event started with a speech by the Head of the Central Bank of Tunisia, where he called upon Artificial Intelligence from 2027 to explain what the financial system of the future would look like.

Alice, the Artificial Intelligence, told him that global change would occur thanks to a decision by the Central Bank’s head to launch a digital currency in 2019.

Full video of the event


Universa Hub Africa Head’s speech at the panel

Live demonstration of uDinar

My speech about the future of money

( lots of photos from the event — https://www.facebook.com/ForexClubTunisie/photos/d41d8cd9/125233278892668/)

Me and Universa Hub Africa head next to uDINAR (uTND) stand

Press scrum regarding uDinar:

3) Video of my radio interview with uDinar announcement -


4) A story on the TV about the event

4) Video from a bigger TV story, where it was mentioned our project(uDinar) and guests from Central Bank discussed the future of digital currencies after the event.


In all our interviews we strictly followed the position agreed with our partners (see our interviews above covering the uDinar launch). We call upon the professional community and the journalists to check all the facts, videos, photos thoroughly and make their own objective conclussions.

Clearly, money moving to the digital form is a done deal. We have shown this beyond doubt. The process has many opponents, for reasons quite clear, but I’m finding it hard to believe that all these people or organizations have something to hold against the obvious advantages of the digital economy. Well, other than unfounded accusations of fraud on our part.

Not everyone is getting into the future, and those who get there first, will be able to gain immense advantage. We sincerely hope that Universa’s numerous projects, including the launch of uDinar digital currency, which has not acquired the CBDC status yet, will help us take our worthy place among the digital-breakthrough technology companies.

Sincerely yours, your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich

Founder Universa Blockchain



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