Week 2 // Merry Crypto and Happy New Coin..

Hi everyone!

The second-week report has been written during the Christmas week, which is why I am a bit late ☺ Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! The Universa Blockchain has a present for you -

Like, share, Merry Crypto and Happy New Coin!

This is the translation of the original post of Alexander Borodich https://medium.com/@borodich/week-2-merry-crypto-and-happy-new-coin-6a84c85cc134

Let’s kick off with the achievements of last week:

- Universa Blockchain has taken 1st place at IX Worldwide IR Case Competition held by ARFI! (26,000 Token Sale investors) — https://www.facebook.com/Universablockchain/photos/a.115448552457262.1073741828.108311786504272/138125916856192/?type=3

- My article got published in Forbes http://www.forbes.ru/tehnologii/354717-kriptovalyutnye-mechty-chto-meshaet-razvivat-tehnologiyu-blokcheyn

- Half a year ago I presented the CryptoNation concept in Belarussia. Take a look what came out of it — http://argument.by/events/event_detail.php?ID=511

(note the token and smart contract definitions)


- We have held negotiations with Liechtenstein, the Canton of Zug, the Principality of Monaco and the Isle of Man (on the 9th January we will hold the second round of negotiations on structuring with Monaco)

- Negotiations with The Republic of Belarus (read the article above, we are going to open a company division there on the 10th of January)

- We are attaining a lawyers’ legal opinion to qualify for the Howey Test/utility token; we are hoping to get the results before the New Year

- We are currently in negotiations with The UAE, developing a joint accelerator, a fund, and implementation of test projects

- We have opened an office branch in Mosco, currently working on launching the world’s biggest Blockchain-Hackathon https://www.facebook.com/SilikonKrim/posts/1581911621847638

- We are getting ready to work through the first days of January, which are traditionally holidays for us

- We are trying to speed up the announcement process with yet another bank (remember Alfa Bank from last week?) about a pilot we will do with them, asking them to allow us to make a public announcement.

Smart Contract // Token Distribution

I want to remind you about the token issue protocol.

We will be launching two smart-contracts.

One standard ERC20 and one Universa Core Smart Contract.

Both contracts will contain the same amount of emission with 1% token turnaround allowed for burning, accepting tokens for transaction payments, exchange, and other standard operations.

Each UTN token will be mirrored by a UTN-P one (ERC20 compatible).

To get them on your balance, you will need to choose the proportions in which you want to store the tokens you bought during the Token Sale in UTN and UTN-P respectively. You will get an e-mail that will offer you (in case you participated in the Token Sale) to choose how many tokens you would like to put in your ERC20 wallet and how many to transfer to your Universa Blockchain Mainnet balance. You will need to reconfirm your email, suggest a password and provide your personal ERC20 wallet details (for the ERC20 compatible tokens). These actions are required to reduce fraud and hacker attacks on your Universa balance.

Important note: after you transfer your tokens to your personal wallet, Universa will no longer be responsible for the future of those tokens! We guarantee that your chosen amount of tokens will be sent to your selected address. If you are looking for stronger security measures and want to be absolutely confident in the future of your tokens, we recommend that you store them in the Universa Blockchain Mainnet. It is impossible to steal tokens out of the Universa smart contract — unless you loose the password for your wallet or account, your tokens will be 100% protected and secure with us.

Please find the form that you will need to fill in -

Blockchain Product Development // Tech news

# The network. Transactions extension.

- We have designed the algorithm for ensuring and confirming the obtainment of all the revised contracts in the transaction chain for the new owners

- We have implemented the mechanism that allows the user to carry out complex transactions with a large number of participants and exchangeable entities that wouldn’t be possible to perform by separate or sequential transactions.

- We have added the ability to specify additional requirements and restrictions valid only for the current transaction creating “one-off” conditions that will not be extended to the next transactions. An example: a reservation of funds when paying by card (funds hold), a contract mark that temporary limits its functionality (target/family money, for example)

- Expansion of the client API: creating factories for standard contract actions.

- 3-generation protocols and nodes are being designed to provide unlimited network bandwidth (an elastic node with an arbitrary number of data channels and IPv6).

# finalizing the mobile clients


Completing the keys import, correcting contracts saving and submitting functions, working out the layout and functionality of the profile, testing the embed, recording the video.


Working with chats, importing/exporting its objects onto the embed; profile; importing contracts into the embody and other adjustments.

# Further development of the web client

- a set of additional methods for working with Embed

- fixing errors in the web application protection system

- creating a GUI transaction for exchanging “any token to any asset.”

# UniCashier (Universa.Payments):

- We finalized an essential independent function that allows receiving ERC20 tokens (for example UTN-P) and outputting them later, even if the given address does not have sufficient funds. Another Ethereum account can be specified for the ERC20 token output requests to pay the commission for such outputs.

- UTN-P: a first version of the standard contract has been created and is in the processes of being audited.

# Bank/TokenSale

Significant increases in the protection of customers from possible unauthorized disposal of tokens collected from the Token Sale. A working relationship between utn checker <-> bank. Connecting serious AWS mail for managing customer transactions (monitoring/identification). Analysis of the collected database, identification of possible fraudsters. A lot of general mechanisms for safe processing of clients’ orders and monitoring tokens and hypertokens’ release and exchange have been developed for the bank.

We are always happy to answer your questions at our Telegram channel — @uplatform(EN) и @universa (RU).

Merry Christmas and see you in the new week! Stay tuned!

Yours faithfully, your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich



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