Week 6 // As intense as five weeks :)

Sometimes days are so busy Tuesday to Tuesday, and so many interesting things happen, it feels like at least several weeks have passed.

Most importantly, we have sent out the first 800М UTNP (be sure to read the important caveat below)

Here is a recap for those who do not like long reads but would like to know what a CEO’s week looks like. 😃

Tuesday // Penang, Malaysia

Morning — meetings in Penang, Malaysia, with representatives of the crypto world and exchange software developers.

Afternoon — CryptoCruise and negotiations with exchanges, investors, blockchain solution developers.

Evening alcohol-powered crypto networking on a crypto government of our own, that would honor the interests of nomads and cryptopeople.


Wednesday // Phuket, Thailand

Morning — A conference at Phuket, our advisor John McAfee speaking on good projects surviving and a better tomorrow for Bitcoin despite thousands of bad coins. HODL!

Afternoon — Went live right from Phuket beach to comment on the Bitcoin meltdown for Russia’s NTV channel. (trust me, it’s a mere coincidence, nothing to do with our CryptoCruise).

Evening — negotiations with cryptolawyers, nailing down the deal with a key strategic consultancy in the Middle East. Prepared a presentation on the feasibility of CryptoOil/CryptoBarrel solution based on Universa Blockchain.

Evening — alcohol-powered crypto networking with the CEOs of the largest cryptocompanies — but what happens in CryptoCruise stays in CryptoCruise.

Thursday // The ocean

Morning — a light crypto-hangover. 😃 Finally able to walk around the ship and take a look.

Afternoon — A conference onboard the ship. Discussing Universa Blockchain integration with production companies from Malaysia, Macau, China.

Evening — Planning attendance of the World Economic Forum in Davos, ordering creative ideas, scheduling meetings with the Forum attendees. Spent half the night building cryptoworld domination plans with the cryptopeople.

Friday // Singapore

Morning — woke up to see крипта.рф(crypto in cyrillic) domain is ours to keep (yesterday’s world domination exercise must have been a good one). Missed the flight to Bangkok by 10 minutes due to border control, changed the tickets, took a two-hour snooze at the Singapore airport hotel, then flew through Abu-Dhabi.

Afternoon-Evening-Night — flight to Moscow.


Morning — a meeting with the President of a major logistics company in Moscow City, discussing the transition of supply chains to the blockchain. Achieved a basic understanding of the possible cooperation, regardless of my sleepless night.

Afternoon — interviewed at the office by our country’s main TV channel. See me this Sunday in Vechernee Vremya program.

Evening — flight to Vilnius.


- Day off 😃

Monday // Vilnius

Morning — planning meetings in Davos

Afternoon — working in Vilnius office, first attempt to send 800M UTNP tokens.

Evening-night — futile attempts to get an Ethereum node synced in order to send out the tokens. 😃

Tuesday // Davos, Switzerland

Night-morning — flight to Bergamo and a ride to Davos, Switzerland

Afternoon — working at Davos:

- RT: https://www.rt.com/business/416826-ntional-cryptocurrencies-challenge-bitcoin/

- EY: signed an agreement with Ernst&Young on joint implementation of blockchain solutions in the corporation and in the public sector https://www.facebook.com/EYRussia/posts/10156040263874860?pnref=story

- RT America: an all-round interview about Universa Blockchain and our advantages

- NTV: a comment on blockchain in a live show http://m.ntv.ru/novosti/1974382/

- Sputnik Radio: an interview on the blockchain and Davos https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201801231061007799-bitcoin-digital-gold-continue-grow/

- RBC-TV: a big interview on blockchain and the advantages of Universa Blockchain http://tv.rbc.ru/archive/chez/5a676eae9a7947554454a766

- a presentation at the Forum together with minister Nikiforov and VEB CEO Gorkov http://scantv.ru/play_2316_ru.php

- Time Inc — a one-hour interview on Russia’s blockchain strategy

- Astro Awani Malaysia: Recorded a one-hour program on the Fastest Blockchain & Blockchain Man

Night — transfer to Zurich, attempt 2 to send UTN tokens

This is just one week’s worth of results from a single CEO. And it doesn’t include the detail, which is often way more exciting than a simple line like “tried to send tokens”, or “ride to Davos” — these may mean impassable snowy roads with cars stuck for hours, train service interrupted due to avalanches, when you just have to be at the conference by all means. 😃 And you also have to send the tokens by all means, so some of our team had to stay up for 72 hours in a row to make sure you get your tokens. By the way, these have just been sent to your Ethereum wallets.

Universa.Technology in brief

Our CTO’s notebook crashed on Wednesday. It’s like a hurricane that destroyed the capital and uprooted trees throughout half the country. But we keep on working 😃


The new, optimized system to compute the value and advance payments under complex Universa smart contracts is about 90% complete. This required developing and implementing an entirely new node interaction protocol for parallel processing of payments and paid transactions. That’s a very challenging task, and we are currently writing stress testing procedures; the system does operate properly under normal load.

Mobile clients

Tons of bugs have been fixed, reached closed beta testing phase, in the next iteration (2 weeks) the apps will be released to external beta testers on both platforms (iOS + Android).

UTN-P Distribution

The first 800M tokens will be sent out today under a smart contract we prepared under the discerning eyes of our security advisors. The audit shows that our smart contract is protected against most known vulnerabilities. At their request, we have particularly enabled protection against using transferFrom, approve, allowance methods, which allow third-party contracts to manage your tokens (even though the token owner’s permission is still needed for that). We welcome decentralized exchanges and we will be happy when they are able to operate Universa smart contracts and exchange UTN tokens in a decentralized manner. For your safety and the security of your tokens, we have disabled these functions in the UTN-P contract for now, so nobody but the token owner can use it or transfer it.

About EtherDelta — https://news.bitcoin.com/one-week-etherdelta-hack-funds-still-stolen/

P.S. Hopefully I can take a breather this week and have some quiet time, doing the routine work.

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You are always welcome to ask us any questions in Telegram on @uplatform(EN) and @universa (RU) channels.

See you next week!

Yours faithfully, your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich

Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

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